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This page is not publicly available, not even from my own web site. The only way to access this page is through the link I have sent to ABSOLUT creative competition.

Diversity and love emerges out of the bottle of absolut.

I use frozen acrylics to create letters out of different colors in representation of diversity, and I embed the word love inside the frozen sponge that will eventually emerge as a result of the meltdown. 

The story of absolut is the story of transformation and the transformation is what the meltdown stands for, in my artwork.

Absolut has already revolutionized the very notion of what the ad is supposed to look like, and now my proposal is to to put a QR code next to the absolut logo on my poster so that anybody can scan it and see the time laps video (on the absolut web site) of the whole process like the one I already included on my website, creating a new notion of what the poster ad is supposed to be. 

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